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The Austin O'Brien Music Program features a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular music and performance opportunities including our Senior and Junior Jazz Bands, Jazz/Funk Combos, Rock Bands, Senior and Junior Concert Bands, Wind Ensembles, Percussion and Guitar Ensembles, Choirs, Ethnic Ensembles, the AOB Blues/Ska Band, and our Theatre Pit Bands. These performance groups allow our students the outlet to experience, through study and exploration of their more artistic and creative side, a great spectrum of music from around the world and from many different periods. The music program incorporates a flexible scheduling pattern in order to allow students the opportunity to tailor their timetable to meet their own particular needs. - AOB FEATURE VIDEO

Highlights (click on the pictures to enlarge) More Videos... (Grad Song 2019 Video) (AOB Band "My Shot" LIVE) ("Hallelujah") (AOB CBC Finalists!)
Creativity in Action! From the Winspear to the Fort to the Suite to home-base, this year saw AOB Music rise to and surpass every challenge. The fantastic talent and drive, and thoughtfulness and generosity of our students shone brightly at each corner of our city and province. Some of the highlights include; the surprise birthday song and dance for our very own Mr. Nhi, by our AOB Teacher's Rock Band and the Band 20 class. This year's winner of the AOB's Got Talent Competition, Rapper 'Yohaan' - Check out his performance video, Click Here! The AOB final concert featuring our Jazz Bands and our full Senior Concert Ensemble, performing a montage of movie, classical, opera, polka, Olympic, and rap themes, a shared flying flute soli, and the most rockinous ruckus rock guitar concerto ever rocked!!!
And the first (of hopefully many) Austin O'Brien Music "BIG THINGS ALBERTA" Band Tour. We packed 2 buses with AOB musicians and hit the road to connect with some of our favourite neighbouring communities, and perform for their students and residents under the town's famous BIG THING landmark. We made so many new friends along the way (and got to re-connect with some old friends too!). THANK YOU to Andrew, St. Paul, Glendon, Vilna, and Mundare for being such wonderful hosts; can't wait to see you again!

Congratulations AOB music students on another fantastic year, always so proud to take the stage with all of you and share the outstanding work you do! YOU ROCK!!!

Check out the fantastic new student written, recorded, and performed AOB 2018 GRAD SONG, Click Here!

2016-2017 (click on the pictures to enlarge)
An awesome year, 2016-2017, starting with one of the coolest Band 30 classes ever!
Unbridled enthusiasm began the term with our Feeder School Band Festival.
Songs of peace and joy flowed at the Festival of Trees, complete with our own mini-Mr. K dance section.
The Christmas Band Concert showcased all of our amazing semester 1 students, from tales of the Krampus to ukulele tributes, the students shone brightly at this Christmas celebration.
In the studio with the Grade 12 Grad Song Band was a treat; under intense pressure, their very own graduation composition came together in a flash (to check out the video of their adventure, Click Here! ).
Naturally noisy, notey guitars, bangin', blastin' beats, booming basses, classy, kindred keyboards, and valiant, vigorous vocals were showcased at our Rock Band December midterm performances.
Our AOB African Ensemble joined Namibian singer Garth Prince on stage for an elementary school dancing and singing African festival in January.
Bands from all over Alberta were packed into the Yardbird Suite for the JazzWorks festival 2017, featuring our very own AOB Senior Jazz students electrifying the stage.
Rockin' a PACKED cafeteria in May for our 'AOB's Got Talent' Competition, we featuring all of our school rock bands and a number of student led groups, with our Spanish singer extraordinaire Sebastian winning first place!
In the Winspear our Concert Ensemble shone, creating some of the most lively and entertaining songs of the day.
Entertaining our prospective grade 10s at the AOB Open House is always a blast, with our Rappers and Garrett stealing the show.
Nothing beats sharing your gifts for a good cause, and the Heart of Glee for the Stollery Children's Hospital was a treat with Garrett and our dancers leaving the whole packed auditorium audience 'Feeling Good'! (to see the video, Click Here! )
Musical Theatre at AOB this year allowed our pit orchestra to shine, receiving a CAPPIES nomination for Most Outstanding Band, along with 17 other nominations for the fantastic production of 'Catch Me If You Can'!
U ain't seen nothin' 'til you've seen our AOB Grad Song Band perform their own composed grad song live for their peers and a packed church; this year was the 12th original AOB grad song in a row!
Southern California was calling, and out flew our Senior Jazz Band and Concert Ensemble for our California band trip adventure; hangin' with Western High School and Mickey and Minnie, a big competitive music festival, Universal and an LA tour, a Disney recording session, and, as told to us by Disney management, the most entertaining and energetic high school park performance of the whole year!, filled this trip with memories that will last a lifetime.
Impowered AOB musicians cap off the year with a fantastic Fort Saskatchewan Final Band Concert and school Celebration; a bit of funk and a bit of soul finish another wonderful year in AOB MUSIC!
Congratulations to all of our music students!!! Have a wonderful summer; can't wait to see what craziness is in store for next year! Cheers!!!
2015-2016 (click on the pictures for more and to enlarge)
The 2015-2016 School Year was yet another whirlwind of AOB Music triumphs, tribulations, and adventure! From our Feeder-School Music Festival and Workshop, to the Shaw Conference Festival of Trees, to our Christmas Concert celebration, the year began with a flash, with some truly outstanding creative student work.
And even though the 2nd semester brought us the news that our planned States-side adventures this year were not to be, the students still came together to create one of the busiest and coolest musical semesters we have seen. The Senior Jazz JazzWorks Festival's electrifying featured performance, our Open House Disco Horn-Vocal Funk Band's crazy antics (including disco ball!), the AOB Concert Ensemble LARGE Band energizing the Winspear, our AOB Silent Theatre Players improv. acting with the ECS Senior All-City Band at the Jubilee, and the "Urine-The-Pit-Band" CAPPIES award nominated performance with this year's AOB Musical 'Urinetown', all showcased the best of what high school music can be; outrageously entertaining, super hip and funky, and outstanding musicianship made these performances a real treat, both for the audience and for the band.
This year's "AOB's Got Talent" competition showed off some of the lesser known talent in our school community, including the unlikely winners - the AOB Teacher Blues Brothers Revival Show, featuring the unknown teacher talents of 14 of our own staff members in the band and on the dance floor. Looking forward to next year's battle to see if the teachers can defend their title!
The year ended with our 11th annual student written, arranged, recorded, and performed Grade 12 Graduation Song, "That Time When...", and our wonderfully inspiring Final Concert in Ft. Saskatchewan; a fantastic end to a fully adventurous and emotional school year. Special Thank You to the amazing Grade 12 Music Students who led the way this year with grace and an unstoppable spirit; so proud of your efforts and work, that continue to build on the strong AOB music tradition!!! You all ROCK!!! Have an amazing summer, let's see what kind of craziness we can get ourselves in next year... :-)
2014-2015 (click on the pictures for more and to enlarge)
And the CAPPIES Award for Most Outstanding Theatre Orchestra goes to... the AUSTIN O'BRIEN CORAM BOY CHAMBER ENSEMBLE Pit Band!!!! Fantastically performed 18th century music and some dark, scary character themes behind a stellar cast; Great Fun! Congratulations AOB music students on a wonderful run! That's the kind of year it was at AOB Music; amazing adventures and opportunities, and surprises around every corner. This year's Christmas concert featured smoke machines, a Harry Potter wand battle, and an on-stage funky dance party, all to the surprise and amazement of the performing musicians.
The Festival of Trees showcased our Senior Wind Ensemble, dressed in their 'ugliest-Christmas-sweater' best, with a few surprise guests from the audience. Then came the JazzWorks Festival and the Edmonton Youth Jazz Summit where our Senior Jazzers got the chance to strut their stuff, literally, marching some New Orleans street-beat through the audience, on to the stage. And the 'mostly serious' Band Share Day at the Winspear held some surprising moments as well, with party noise-makers, beachballs, the 'wave' through the whole concert hall, an almost-trombone-solo by Steven (taken over by Marc), and a heavy-metal guitar solo by a mysterious green-clad stage-crasher! We got to perform at our first Heart of Glee Children's Stollery Hospital Fundraising event this year (Heart of Glee video excerpts click here). Our Choir, Jazz, and Rock students came together for a high-energy dance medley.
Then a featured performance by this year's Grad Song Band at the Celebration of the Arts showcased their original song as a tribute to all of the grade 12 graduates for our entire school district. They brought the audience to tears with their heartwarming composition about all 'The Places You'll Go'. (2015 Grad Song Video) And special Congratulations to our very own Marc S. for winning this year's Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Young Composer in Residence competition! Our school Rock Bands competed at our first ever Rockin' Lunch outdoor concert / band battle, with the Friday Band, and their high-energy shenanigans, taking first prize (Fri Rock Band Video Feature).
And the Final Concert of the year brought everyone together one last time to share in our musical adventures with our friends, family, and the community. There were tears and laughter, subtlety and intensity, with a special surprise for Mr. K. and all of the younger students by our Grade 12's in a trio recorder performance and banner waving tribute. A great way to end a Wonderful Year. CONGRATULATIONS AOB Music Students!!! You are all Amazing!!! Enjoy your summer, can't wait to see what crazy adventures next year has in store!!!
2013-2014 (click on the pictures for more and to enlarge)

The 2013-2014 School Year:

AOB Music, in class or on stage, always putting it all out there, and rockin' the page! Celebrations in the gym, from solemn to ska, marching New Orleans style in the halls, ala Mardi Gras. New friends were found, like birds of a feather, as all of the Rock, Wind, and Jazz ensembles came together.

At Conn Hall, in the Christmas snow, the Band 10's started and powered the show. Heating up the hall, like a Hippo on the charge, Jump, Jive, and Wailing, leaping-in large. Senior and Junior Jazz, with gospel and funk, and Concert Ensemble, with Wind Band punk, capped off the night, of Christmas delight, a Witch and a Saint's plight, like Aladdin in flight, all was right, tight, and dyn-o-mite!
Rockin' the drama room, and in the gym, our powerful AOB Rock Bands, ain't no Fatboy Slim. Bass a thumpin', drums a poundin', guitars a blastin', fantastic a-soundin'! Vocals a soarin', in so many styles, gettin' Vertigo, and walkin' 500 Miles. Then dancers joining us, in a Winspear feature, had crowds cheering, up in the bleacher. The band, a little nervous, for they did know, California Disney, is where they'd soon go...
The Final Concert, featuring all, brought together the bands for one last call. The Jazz Collective, played some funk and swing, with 3 featured vocalists, out to sing, sing, sing. Then Concert Ensemble, back from the coast, performed all the hits, songs we dug the most. With a fiddle and cello, a couple of tinwhistles too, trumpet and bari solos, in the colour of blue. Movie and TV, very American and European, and ended it with Tim's fav; the Pirates of the Caribbean. :-)
Then one last show, to finish the year, to conclude with a bang, a holler, a cheer. All dressed up, in our funky disco best, LSL's Big Band Dance, would be our final test. We hit the stage running, the audience jacked, all the funkiest tunes, the dance floor was packed. Motown to disco, funk and Latin we'd play, from Aretha to Stevie, to YMCA.
Thank you to everyone, who made this year WOW! All the Parents, Staff, and Admin, you are the Cat's Meow. But especially to the students, who keep the tradition in such a fantastic state, It's all your hard work that makes AOB Band soooooooo GREAT!!! word...
California 2014 (click on California pictures for more) / Some fun VIDEOS - "Our AOB 2014 Original Grad Song - In The Studio" - "Sister Sacha Singing Old School!" - "AOB Live Blooper - Sacha Takes Control!!!"
"California Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From..." The AOB Senior Concert Ensemble and Senior Jazz Band made their way back to sunny California this year for another crazy adventure! They visited Sony Pictures Studios, Universal Studios, Disneyland Park, toured Los Angeles, shopped 'til they dropped, and attended an Angels Baseball game (where a group of our students, led by "Dance Master Zach", appeared on the Jumbo-tron!). They also competed in an International Music Festival (with both Concert and Jazz Band taking Silver Medals for their outstanding performance), recorded at Disney Recording Studios, and performed live on the Hollywood Stage in California Adventure Theme Park. A fantastic tour; they represented Austin O'Brien and Canada proudly!!! Special Thank You's to the amazing chaperones joining Mr. K and the students this year, Mr. Hatch, Ms. Kenny, Ms. GA Patterson, and Ms. Germaine. Congratulations Austin O'Brien Music!!!
2012-2013 (click on the pictures for more and to enlarge)
Pretty excited about jazz this year... The 2012-2013 School Year saw our senior jazz students travelling to perform in the MusicFest Canada 2013 National Competition in Toronto, where our Senior Jazz Band achieved the highest Gold Excellence rating, unanimous from all the judges!!! And our Senior Jazz Combo put on a mezmerizingly unique world-jazz performance of song (and dance!). Amazing work everyone!!! We also took some time on our adventure to explore around Toronto and area, visiting the CN Tower, attending Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of the Wizard of Oz and a special performance from the Eastman Wind Ensemble, visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame, and taking a trip down to Niagara Falls to ride the Maid of the Mist. A fantastic tour with some pretty amazing students! Special thank you to all the AOB jazz students, past and present, for their incredible hard work and keeping the tradition of jazz at AOB strong over all these years!!! Cheers! :-)
This year's AOB AXEtreme Fest Battle of the Bands did not go quite the way Mr. K had planned it... Unfortunately, the AOB Teacher Rock Band was unable to defend its title; the Student Bands took over and kicked it!!! From solo folk guitar to hair flying metal, all of the AOB rock students were fantastic and totally ROCKED a packed gym of their peers. Congratulations to Sacha for coming out on top in a very close race, and taking this year's title!!!

What a fantastic year we had in AOB Music! The Grade 12's were poised and ready to lead the program in directions never seen before. From the New Orleans street-style marching practice through the AOB halls to the live action-adventure performance, surprising the Grade 10 Concert Band at the University December Concert, to guest artists such as Karen Porkka, vocal improviser extraordinaire, leading our choir students through totally improvised African song, to those crazy Jazz Combo Middle Eastern time signatures. From the flying sword mayhem and featured trombone-antics at the Winspear Centre to the Creative Cappies nomination by our very own Red Noses, this year was packed with a carnival of creative spirit. Congratulations AOB music students on a very exciting and fun-filled year!!!

2011-2012 (click on the pictures for more...)
In 2012 our AOB Senior Jazz Band and Concert Ensemble were back on the road again, heading down to sunny California! This year we were joined by the amazing AOB Improv Team. We all touched down on day 1, gathered our mountain of luggage, and headed straight for an exchange drama and music performance with the wonderful staff and students at Mater Dei High School, in Santa Ana. Then we were back on the bus and off to see Mickey! Over the next week we participated in Music, Puppetry, and Improv Theatre workshops, performed in Disneyland Park, recorded to Disney Films in Disneyland Studios, and competed in an International Music Festival, with both our Senior Jazz and Concert Ensemble receiving Silver Medals for their outstanding performance. We did some shopping, ate some great food, and, of course, had time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Disneyland, California Adventure Theme Park, and the crazy Six Flags - Magic Mountain Park, home to some of the wildest rollercoasters in the world! Congratulations AOB Band and Improv students on a fantastic southern California tour!!! And thank you to Mr. Zyp and our wonderful chaperones, Mrs. Rowley, Mrs. Flammia, and Mrs. Panylyk, for making this adventure possible!!!
The stage was set... laser lights were ready... the amps were all turned up to 11... and Mr. K had his earplugs in hand, ready to go. Nine bands prepared to battle it out in front of a packed school gym at Austin O'Brien's annual "AOB AXEtreme Fest Battle of the Bands"!!! We had an especially talented line-up this year featuring everything from Aerosmith to Muse to Beastie Boys to Loverboy, and even a special appearance by a band made up of AOB staff. And who would come out on top??? as voted on by the students... The winner is...
Another wild and crazy year has passed in AOB Music!!! Some highlights from music class include some jaw-dropping solos at our Junior High feeder schools, marchin' some Saints through the halls of AOB during Art's Day, our December showcase concert at Conn Hall, swingin' it at the JazzWorks Festival, rockin' some Zeppelin at the Winspear Centre (click here for Video), the super solid year play Pit Band, our Band/Improv Theatre performance tour to sunny California, our relaxed and colourful Spring Concert (love those Drum Solos!!!), and the cool and funky grooves of our Jazz/Funk Combo at June awards. Great work everyone; Congratulations on a fantastic year!!! Can't wait to see what adventures next year will bring...
2010-2011 (click on the pictures to enlarge)
The 2010-2011 School Year was one of our busiest ever! Our music students were kickin' all year long. Our killer recording session early-on set the tone for things to come. The JazzWorks Festival featured some high-energy action and Band Share Day was all about the MAMBO! and singing HALLELUJAH with Sister Marissa (click here for Video)!
Celebration of the Arts this year featured Mr. K. conducting a Ska piece with the ECS All-Star Jazz Band (click here for Ska Video), as well as our very own students in "From Love to Forfeit" rockin' the Jubilee! The AOB AXEtreme Fest Battle of the Bands once again packed the AOB gym, with 10 bands battling for top spot, and underdogs "Heavy and the Automatic" taking the title.
Our pit band for this year's theatre production of "Zombie Prom" was honoured with a nomination for "Outstanding Orchestra" at the 2011 Cappies Awards. And once again, for the last 6 years running, an original Grad Song was created for the AOB Graduation Class, by our music graduates Ashley M., Marissa K., Brett H., Garrett F., & Leon T. (click here for Video), capping off a fantastic school year. Congratulations to all of the AOB Music Students; You Rock! Have a Wonderful Summer!!!
CD Release from the AOB Fine Arts Department - 2011:


Austin O'Brien High School is proud to announce the release of its new CD entitled, "AOB - PLAY ART LOUD". This project features the eclectic music of the Austin O'Brien Band Program; everything from Latin, Funk, and Jazz standards to Blues, Ska, and modern Rock is tackled by our students. We've also included a Multimedia section featuring the fantastic work of our Visual Art and Drama/Improv Theatre Departments, and added footage from some of our favourite recent live performances showcasing the crazy energetic antics of our ensembles.

This recording also brings together a special collection of student-composed/arranged Grade 12 Graduation Songs. It started back in 2006 when the Grade 12 class and Mr. K. decided that they didn't want to hear another Sarah McLachlan or Green Day song for Grad anymore! They were going to do this one on their own; and so the tradition began. It's been an original Grad Song ever since.

The project has been invaluable to our students. They have had the opportunity to experience the production of a CD, from the planning and preparation, to the high-stress recording/live-performance atmosphere, to the design and concept, and finally the sales and promotion. It has been a great learning experience and motivator for all of the young artists involved, and a fantastic opportunity to capture this moment in time, for memories that will last a lifetime.

For more Video Samples check these out: "Brothers & Sisters, Testify! - YES SIR!" - "Art Showcase" - "Ska & Beachballs" - "Theatre Improv Team" - "Muppet Cannon"

Goin' Back to Cali, Cali, Cali, We're Goin' Back to Cali, Oh Yah, I think so! The 2009-2010 school year saw the Austin O'Brien Concert Ensemble and Senior Jazz Band once again head out to sunny southern California to compete in the Anaheim National Heritage Music Festival. Both groups finished in 2nd place in their divisions, representing Edmonton Catholic Schools and Canada proudly in a sea of great American Bands! And Congrats to our drummer, Ashley M., for being named one of the co-winners of the Outstanding Performers Award for the Festival. In addition to the competition, the students also participated in a recording session at Disney Studios, a featured performance in Disneyland Park, and numerous tourist and workshop activities in the area. Special Thank You's to our chaperones extraordinaire; Mr. MacDonald, Mrs. Cuglietta, Mrs. Waschuk, and Mrs. Taina Lorenz-Turner (our guest conductor of the Concert Ensemble while on tour) for all of their amazing work! Cheers to everyone for a Fantastic Trip!!! (click on the pics for more)

CD Release:

"From Love To Forfeit" CD release - Who You Really Are

2009-2010 also saw Grade 11 Rock Band "From Love To Forfeit" release their debut CD, "Who You Really Are"! This recording showcases the original work of these amazing young musicians and their deeply rooted passion to make a difference and positively impact their generation and the world around them. For more information, check out the band online at: Daydreamer Video . CDs are available on iTunes at: FLTF iTunes

And a New CD Release from Mr. K. came out this school year, and was nominated for both; "World Solo Artist of the Year" at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards and "Jazz Album of the Year" at this year's 9th Annual Independent Music Awards. This CD, intitled, "Generations - Greek Oud Jazz", is a combination of Modern Jazz and Traditional Greek Music from and inspired by the Island of Crete, and features a number of Mr. K.'s former and current AOB Band students in the making of this recording, from performance to layout and design. Check out: Shaw TV AOB Interview for a video feature filmed at Austin O'Brien on the project.

We had quite the crazy cast of characters this year. You never knew what was in store for each show. From a Pep Rally Marching Band with a surprise Evan-esk ending, to a Trumpet-Sax Gospel Duel with our guest southern Preacher. From two-headed Flutes and an over-sized explosion of confetti at our Open House, to a slightly less bombastic ending on stage at the Winspear. From Grad to Feeder Schools to the Battle of the Bands to the Rockin' Masses to our own Featured Shows, the student's crazy, quirky personalities always shone through and that's what made this year such a great one! Congratulations to all of the AOB music students on their Amazing Work!!!

Wacky Wild Wrestling Woodwind's Wrath Winds-up Wholesome Winspear! Who Won...?

Crazy Cartoon Carnival Cavalcades Catapult Catchy Creative Convocation Complex Christmas Concert
Bruising Booming Band Battle Breaks Boredom & Boasts Beautiful Blasting Bedlum
Dynamic Dynamite Dancers Did Double Duty Dancing Devinely
Graduation Gowns Got Groomed Guys & Gals Gazing with Glimmer & Gloss Glamourously to the Gifted Guitarists & Grand Girl - Remember Yesterday!
Space (Mountain)… the Final Frontier (land). These are the voyages of the Austin O'Brien Music Program. Its endless mission; to explore strange new sounds, to seek out new creative musical experiences, to boldly go where no Canadian teenager has gone before… DisneyWorld! The 2007-2008 school year saw the Austin O'Brien High School Concert Ensemble and Senior Jazz Band take flight on their trip to "Sunny" Florida during Spring Break. In addition to a recording session / workshop at Disney Studios and a featured performance in Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom Park, both groups competed in the Orlando National Heritage Music Festival. The Senior Jazz Band received a level of Excellence (Silver Medal) and the AOB Concert Ensemble received the Superior (Gold Medal) standing. The Concert Ensemble has now been invited to compete against the highest level Band Programs from across North America at the prestigious International Festival of Gold Series Heritage Music Competitions. A huge honour and achievement for our students and for the music program of Edmonton Catholic Schools! And Special Congratulations go to AOB flutist Jessica R., who won the individual award for Outstanding Instrumentalist at the Festival! Great work AOB Band students!!! You represented Austin O'Brien and all of Canada proudly! Special Thank You's go out to Mrs. Lemiski and the wonderful AOB Cheer Team, with whom we shared this fantastic Florida experience, to our amazing chaperones Mrs. G.A. Patterson and Mr. Koshka, and to all of the Band Parents for their continued unwavering support!!! (click here for Examiner article)
*CD Release*:

The Austin O'Brien Music Department Presents:

NOW and THEN - The AOB Rock Album

07-08 also saw the release of the Austin O'Brien High School Music Program's latest CD project, "NOW and THEN - The AOB Rock Album". This CD represents a sampling of some of the amazing work and talents of our students over the last 10 years in the field of popular music. Styles represented on this recording range from the dark electronic industrial sound to the melodic and lyrical to the light-hearted and whimsically playful. Fantastic song-writing and a polished performance got the well deserved accolades from fellow students, the community, and critics alike. Their focus, energy, and total fearlessness have been an inspiration to all of us here at Austin O'Brien High School. Enjoy!


This new release features some of the Best Rock Bands and Rock Artists from the Austin O'Brien student body over the last 10 years, including:


Sandra Sperounes Journal Article - Click Here.

Joelle Tomek Examiner Article - Click Here.


In addition to the school release, a number of the Bands featured on the recording also produced their own CD releases this year including, "White Summer" (II II) and "Sally's Krackers" (self titled). And the year was topped off with a number of special appearances by our senior performance ensembles and senior students at JazzWorks 2008, our Junior High concert tour, Edmonton Catholic Schools Band Share Day and Celebration of the Arts at the Winspear Centre, the AOB Open House, as a special guest with the Cosmopolitan Adult Community Band, at this year's Catholic Youth Conference, in the "Pit" for the Drama Year Play, as a part of the ECS Senior All-City Band and All-Star Jazz Band, the AOB Battle of the Bands, and at our own AOB feature concerts. Thank you to all the students, parents, staff, and admin team for a fantastic fun-filled year!
The 2005-2006 school year started as the year of the guitars! Guitar classes were packed. AOB was being invaded by the string slingers. But we did manage to squeeze a little bit of Band and Choir into the semester with a performance at this year's Festival of Trees and our annual Christmas Concert at Convocation Hall, University of Alberta.
The Guitars then took over once again at this year's Battle of the Bands competition! (note to self: don't forget to bring ear plugs to next year's battle...)
And then in May we were off on our Band Tour to sunny southern California. This trip saw our Concert Ensemble, Jazz "A" Band, and Jazz "B" Band competing in the Anaheim Heritage Music Festival. All three groups received "Excellence" standing with both the Concert Band and Jazz"A" finishing in first place in their category and the Jazz "B" Band finishing second. The students represented Austin O'Brien, Edmonton Catholic Schools, and Canada proudly receiving high praise at all of the performances and workshop sessions they participated in. We ended the year with a full Austin O'Brien Evening of the Arts featuring the Drama, Music, Culinary Arts, and the Visual Arts departments. The evening happened to coincide with one of the Oilers playoff games, but the house was still packed! Thank You parents and friends for your unwavering support, and to the students: Great Work and Congratulations on a Fantastic Year!
The 2003-2004 School Year - Hey Daddy-o!!! Welcome to the show. Just lettin' ya know, the year was cool; before, during, and afterschool. Don't be a fool, pull up a stool, and we'll let ya in on the gruel. We all began, wearin' our summer tan, Cran and Grape. But our chops were outta shape. But we blew in hard, from the ol' Church yard. Playin' our hymn; elevation, at the first Celebration, of togetherness and love, prayer up-above. Continued on, in the feeder-school shows. We again arose. Playin' tunes, real mean, with Sister Nadine, and our special guest, in his Sunday best, sang out some Stevie Wonder, with thunder and soul, we heard the lovely and talented Peter H. roll.
And then the news came over the fence, 'bout the ESO Young Composer in Residence. Adam F. won, his composition to be done, by the Symphony Sound, talent abound, coolest gig around. Congrats to A.F. for the prestigious call. All the Best in the Fall.
Our concerts continued into the season; Conn Hall for the parents, Festival of Trees for the pleasin'. We continued on to the Centre o' Winspear, with fear, we persevere, with the crowd and their cheer. Fun for all, especially the kids. Joy for their spirits, knowledge for their lids.
Then came the big one, the Kahoona, the Show. Bigger than any of us would ever know. West Side Story came in with a Blast! Solemn slows, blazin' fasts! The rehearsals were many, the time, though fun, a ton. But before we all knew it, it was done. Hugs and thank-you's, tears and sorrow, we'll deal with it now, bounce back tomorrow.
For almost the very next day, to play, to say, "Measure in Love" at the Jubilee. The ECS Celebration of the Arts is where we, the Vocalists, Cast, All-Star Jazz, and the Choir, performed on Main Stage and reached even higher. With the AOB Alumni Jazz Combo in the Hall, AOB shone at this year's District Ball. With the year almost done, one more night of fun. The final show, toe to toe, in "Cafe AOB" featured our students, their dance moves, and some singing did we. Guitarists' Stratocastin', Horns Wailin' and Blastin'. Little Wing and Michael B. Goode ended the year the way it should, with another great season, another great run. Congratulations on the work that was done, for the west that was won, thanks for the fun. And now another summer, enjoy the sun. done...
We began the 2002-2003 school year with great anticipation. We were off to Hollywood in May to all get discovered and land a part in the next Spielberg Movie. But first things first. The Grade 12's put together a great show for our feeder schools and local Elementary Schools, and even a Daycare, highlighting the evolution of the Band Class, from grade 7 to 12. This acrobatic show landed Mr. K. some injury time and our percussion section head-over-heals rediscovering their Grade 7 roots. Our Concert Ensemble enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of Performing and Gingerbread Man design at this year's Festival of Trees. And our December Concert was once again held on campus at the University of Alberta's Convocation Hall… love those Drum Solos!!!
2003 saw AOB's own "Sally's Krackers" back in the studio to finish recording their debut CD, entitled "Limelight", which was released in April to rave reviews.
In March our Senior Concert Ensemble performed at the Winspear Centre for ECS Band Share Day, in preparation for our trip. Then, finally, it was May and our students were bursting at the seams with excitement ready for our California Adventure. But when we met at the Edmonton International Airport at 4:00 am to leave, they masked their excitement well. On our trip we did a Workshop/Performance with a local High School, we attended an Anaheim Angels Ballgame, we did a tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood, visited Universal Studios, did a Workshop/Mock Animated Film Recording at Disney Studios, Performed in Disneyland Park, visited Disneyland and the new California Adventure Theme Parks, and, of course, we did some fun stuff too.
The year finished off with our crazy Final Concert and an incredible guest performance by our Senior Jazz Band, aka "Sister Nadine and the AOB Funkadelic", at the Louis St. Laurent Big Band Dance Night. Special Thanks to all of the AOB Music Students for their amazing hard work and dedication to the program and to their performances. And a Huge Thank You to all of the Parents, Teachers, and Administrators for their support and patience this school year.
2002 saw the release of AOB's first, full length, multimedia CD, entitled "Diggin' on Soul Food". The CD featured all of our Band Students in a number of ensembles, including: Jazz/Funk Combo, Class Ensembles, Senior & Junior Jazz Bands, Concert Band, and a number of Student Rock Bands. We also featured the AOB Art and Drama Departments in the Multimedia Section of the CD. Promotions for the CD included student performances on the A-Channel's "Wired" and "The Big Breakfast", 630 CHED's "Stafford Show, and write-up/reviews in the local papers. Special thanks to all students and staff involved in the production of this crazy project! Also in 2002, the AOB Junior Brass Ensemble received Honorable Mention and were Finalists in the National CBC Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song Performance contest as part of the celebration of the 50th season of Hockey Night in Canada.
Head of the Austin O'Brien Music Department is Mr.Koufogiannakis. Mr. K. has been working with Professional and Student Ensembles for more than 25 years, touring, recording, and performing regularly across Canada. He has recently returned back to AOB after a sabbatical in the United Kingdom, where he completed his Masters in Music Degree in Jazz Studies.




Mr. K

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